2015 Golden ARC Awards Contest

Golden ARC Awards Contest Judged by Public Relations Strategists

  -- Recognizes Stellar Strategy and Results  --

By Amy Keith McDonald, Golden ARC Program Co-Manager

The award season is upon us, and you will soon receive invitations to enter and/or judge a competition within agriculture. Such an opportunity is valuable in terms of professional growth, but do you sometimes wonder how your work, both strategic and tactical, would hold up when evaluated by public relations professionals’ external to the agricultural industry? The Golden ARC Awards Contest provides the perfect opportunity for you to do just that.

The 2015 Golden ARC Awards Contest will be announced in winter 2014-2015, for work completed partly or fully in 2014. Early bird registrants will be offered lowered entry fees. All entries will be judged by impartial judges in the spring of 2015, and winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet during the ARC Annual Meeting, to be held June 23-26 in Denver, CO. Golden ARC winners will have the opportunity to join the ARC Hall of Fame honorees on stage during this important event.

Repurpose Your Entries

Much of the preparation you may be doing regarding your excellent strategic campaign and tactical work during 2014 for other contests will likely be easily transferable to an entry for the Golden ARC Awards Contest. Thus, keep your files handy and do the work once instead of twice. If you would like to compare other competitions’ guidelines to those of the Golden ARC Awards program, go to www.GoldenARCAwards.com to see the wide range of public relations campaigns and tactics recognized.

Additional information can be obtained by calling Amy Keith McDonald or Adelita Tyson, the Golden ARC Awards Contest managers, at 254-445-4333.

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Contact: Amy Keith McDonald Co-Contest Manager
Golden ARC Awards Contest
Email: contest.manager@goldenarcawards.com
Tel: 254.445.4333